KCX-017 Voltage Detector and Discharge Load Resistor

£ 8.50


Here we have a USB Voltage Detector and Load resistor. This excellent little testing and troubleshooting tool can test the performance of USB power sources on your computer, cellphone, or mobile power supply. Using this device you could easily test your digital devices in real time for charging problems, battery voltage, line loss of charging cables, and many more.

The device has the usual usb connector for input, but also a micro usb connector that can be used directly with any standard usb charger.

  • One long click: Select next memory and clear it.
  • Double click: Enter view mode.
  • Click in view mode: Show next memory.
  • Voltage range: 3-7V (resolution: 0.01V)
  • Current range: 50mA-3500mA (resolution: 10mA)
  • Capacity range: 0-19999mAh
  • Accuracy: ±1%
  • Line loss: 0.1 ohm
  • size 60 * 28.5 * 15mm (without cable)
  • Works w/ mobile power banks, cellphones, power supplies, etc.
  • The display : voltage, current, discharge capacity
  • A total of 10 groups can be stored
  • Current can be calibrated
  • Display starts flashing when voltage gets below 4.7 volt
  • Display starts flashing when voltage gets above 5.3 volt
  • Internal resistance is about 0.16ohm including connection resistance.
  • Voltage display is within 0.04 volt in the 3.0 to 6.0 volt range.
  • Current display is within 0.02 ampere in the 0 to 3.0 ampere range.
  • The device has 10 memory groups for mAh. Press and hold button to select next.
  • To view mAh memories double click button and the press it to change between memory groups
  • To see last saved values requires 10 single clicks
  • Own current consumption is 6.5mA
  • Test working voltage and current of the USB output devices
  • Test voltage and line loss of charging cables
  • Real-time monitoring the charging status
  • Test no-load voltage of the power supply
  • Test output power of USB output devices

KCX-017 Voltage Detector and Discharge Load Resistor