SOP 16 Test Clip

£ 7.99


Here we have an IC programming clip that is perfect for reading or writing eeproms. This clip allows for in-circuit programming of sop16 chips.

Now you can program sop16 chips without having to remove them from the circuit board, just clip to the chip and use one of the two breakout adapter boards to connect to your programmer.

The ISP cable is wired 1:1 so will support any programmer that has a ZIF/DIL socket and supports ISP/ICSP Mode

  • Supports many different EEPROMS 150mil / 209mil - 24Cxx, 25Cxx, 93Cxx, 95xxx, 25Lxx
  • Pitch Lead: 2.54mm
  • Pitch row :3.81mm
  • SOIC 16 / SOP16 Clip
  • Spring Loaded
  • 40 cm cable
What you get:
  • 1 x Test Clip with 40 cm cable
  • 2 x Breakout adapter boards

SOP 16 Test Clip