PIC18F14K50 Microcontroller

£ 3.99


The PIC18F14K50 brings advanced features and exceptional value to the embedded USB market.

This low cost PIC® Microcontroller features a full speed USB 2.0 compliant interface that can automatically change clock sources and power levels upon connection to a host, making it an exceptional device for battery-powered applications.

The addition of mTouch(TM) touch sensing compatibility, a 10-bit ADC, motor control PWMs, and a host of serial interfaces make the PIC18F14K50 the perfect device to "Just add USB" to any application.

Standard analog peripherals include up to 12 channels of 10-bit A/D, an analog comparator module with two comparators, programmable on-chip voltage reference, and an Enhanced Capture/Compare/PWM (ECCP+) w/dead band delay, auto-shutdown and restart options.

  • High Performance PIC18 Core
  • C Compiler optimized architecture
  • Self-programmable under software control
  • Support for Interrupt Priority Levels
  • 8x8 Single-Cycle Hardware Multiplier
  • Enhanced Watchdog Timer with a programmable period
  • Full Speed Universal Serial Bus Interface
  • USB v2.0 compliant interface
  • Supports both Low Speed and Full Speed operation
  • Supports Control, Interrupt, Isochronous and Bulk transfer
  • Up to 16 Endpoints (or up to 8 bidirectional)
  • Automatic detection of physical connection to USB host
  • 256-byte Dual Access RAM
  • Flexible Clocking Options
  • Can be internally clocked up to 48MHz
  • Fully tunable Internal Oscillator
    - Supplies frequencies from 31KHz to 16MHz
    - Can be user-adjusted for frequency drift
  • Internal 4x Phase Lock Loop (PLL)
    - Can be used with External or Internal Oscillators
  • Fail-safe Clock Monitor
    - Allows for safe shutdown during oscillator failure
  • Advanced PIC® Microcontroller Peripherals
  • Dual Capture/Compare/PWM interfaces
    - Up to 5 PWM Outputs
    - Programmable dead time, auto shutdown/restart
  • Master I2C/SPI Interface
    - Supports all modes of 3-wire SPI
    - I2C™Compatible Master and Slave modes with address masking
  • Enhanced Addressable USART Module
    - Supports RS-485, RS-232, and LIN 2.0
  • 10-bit, 9-channel ADC Module
    - Can acquire & convert samples automatically
    - Can operate in sleep mode
  • mTouch(TM) compatible Analog Comparators w/ SR Latch
    - Rail to Rail operation
    - Independent input multiplexing
  • Robust GPIO with 25mA sink/source current
  • Programmable On-chip Voltage Reference
    - Can be used with Comparators or ADC
  • Operating Environment Versatility
  • 1.8 to 5.6V Operating Range
  • Software Programmable Brown-out Reset feature
  • Four power-managed operating modes
  • Two-speed clock startup option

PIC18F14K50 Microcontroller