4 Digit Common Cathode Display

£ 1.99


Here we have a 4 Digit common cathode super bright (25-30mcd) LED display.

Each digit has 7 segments and a dot to the bottom right.

  • 25 - 30 mcd brightness
  • Red LED
  • 7 Segment
  • 4 Digit
  • Common Cathode
  • Dot to the right of each digit
  • 0.56" Digit Height
  • Easy PCB / breadboard mounting
  • 1 x 4 Digit LED Display

Below you will find a circuit diagram for connecting this unit to an Arduino. Please be aware that the LED segments of this display require a current-limiting resistor when powered from a 5 V logic pin. The value of the resistor is typically between 330 and 560 ohms; the higher the value, the more the current that is limited, and the less bright the LED segments.


4 Digit Common Cathode Display