NEMA17 Stepper Motor

£ 10.50


Here we have a NEMA17 Stepper motor that is well suited to 3d printers, CNC machines, or any number of precision tasks.

Phase: 2 phase
Step Angle: 1.8°
Rated Voltage: 3.3V DC
Current Rating: 1.5A
Holding Torque: 400mN.
Phase Resistance: 2.2 Ohm +- 10%
Phase Inductance: 3.8mH +- 20%
Rotor Inertia: 57g. cm2
Weight: 275g
Insulation Resistance: 100M Ohm
Insulation Class: B
    • 1 x NEMA17 Motor
    • 1 x 50cm Jumper cable

NEMA17 Stepper Motor