TowerPro MG995 Metal Gear 180° Servo

£ 6.99


Here we have a Towerpro MG995 Metal Gear servo motor with appropriate fittings and horns.

This servo is primarily used on the steering in model cars, whilst there are other uses for it in RC we recommend it is not used on a Y lead ( as the current drawn is too great and this can lead to glitching). In installations where more than one servo is used, we would recommend high power batteries and interference chokes are used.

  • Product Model: MG995
  • Product Size: 40.7 * 19.7 * 42.9mm
  • Product weight: 55g
  • Operating torque: 13KG/cm
  • Reaction speed: 53-62R / M
  • Operating Temperature:-30 ~ +60 °
  • Deadband settings: 4 microseconds
  • Plug Type: JR, FUTABA General
  • Rotation angle: A maximum of 180 degrees
  • Servo: Servo
  • Operating current: 100mA
  • Using the voltage: 3-7.2V
  • No load operating speed: 0.17 seconds / 60 degrees (4.8V); 0.13 seconds / 60 degrees (6.0V).
  • Metal Gear structure
  • Double ball bearing
  • 1 x Brand new MG995 Servo motor
  • 1 x Pack of fittings as pictures below


TowerPro MG995 Metal Gear 180° Servo