1680 Point Breadboard

£ 10.50


Here we have a Solderless Breadboard / Protobloc with a total of 1680 tie points.

This breadboard is essentially two 840 point boards mounted on a black metal plate with the added benefit of 3 binding posts that you can hook up to any of the distribution strips or any other tie point with the aid of a jumper cable.

If you are looking for breadboards in a variety of sizes, please see our listings for breadboards in 300, 830, 1680, 2230 and 3800 tie point sizes.

  • 2 terminal strips with a combined 1280 contacts
  • 4 distribution strips with a combined 400 contacts
  • 3 binding posts
  • black metal base plate with rubber feet
  • All contact positions are clearly defined on an alphanumeric grid
  • ABS polymer board mounted on metal base
  • Hole Pitch:2.54mm
  • Lead Diameter Max:0.8mm
  • Lead Diameter Min:0.3mm
  • No. of Holes:1680
  • PCB Hole Diameter:0.8mm
  • Pitch Spacing:2.54mm
  • Row Pitch:2.54mm
  • ships shrink wrapped and un-used


1680 Point Breadboard