Single Sided Prototype Board 2640 Point (12 x 19cm)

£ 2.70


Here we have a Prototype Board with 2640 Holes. This Prototype board measures 180mm x 120mm with 2640 points.

Perf-boards are general purpose circuit boards with predrilled holes and preplaced copper pads. Perf-boards are perfect for quick circuits or prototyping using pre-existing copper layouts.

There are perforations every 2.54mm, which permit common electronic devices to be mounted.

On one side of the board around the insertion holes there are copper soldering rings so electronic parts can be soldered to the board. Perfect for wire wrapping and testing.

These boards have numbered rows on each side as well as a 5 x 5 grid layout on the back.

  • Overall Board Width: 120mm
  • Overall Board Length: 180mm
  • 60 x 44 holes
  • 2640 holes in total

Single Sided Prototype Board 2640 Point (12 x 19cm)