Raspberry Pi Cobbler and 26 Pin Ribbon

£ 3.99


Here we have GPiO breakout for your Raspberry Pi. This little unit enables you to break out GPIO, SPI, and I2C onto a solderless breadboard.

Unlike other Breakout boards, ours comes fully assembled and anti-static bagged so you don't have to solder header pins.

Our Kit comes complete with a 26 pin ribbon cable, and fully labelled PCB. All you have to do is plug and play.

This unit is designed for Raspberry Pi Version 2 but is also compatible with version 1. For version 1 Raspberry Pi please note that the GPIO #27 has been replaced with GPIO #21 and that the I2C pins are now I2C port #0 instead of #1. All other pins are the same.

  • Complete breakout board - No soldering required
  • 2.54mm Pitch fits all standard breadboards
  • Built for Raspberry Pi Version 2
  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi Version 1
  • Brand new and sealed in anti-static bags

  • 1 x 26 pin 17cm Ribbon cable
  • 1 x complete breakout board
Please note: Raspberry Pi and Breadboard NOT included. item

Raspberry Pi Cobbler and 26 Pin Ribbon