Black Rapsberry PI Enclosure

£ 4.95


Here we have an enclosure in BLACK for the fantastic Raspberry Pi.

This case is designed for the 512mb Model B Raspberry Pi and comes with 2 screws that will keep the case firmly closed.

  • Mounting screws keep the unit firmly closed
  • 4 colours to choose from (red, blue, yellow, black)
  • Vents at the bottom
  • Fits all Raspberry Pi 512mb model B boards
  • Snug fit
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How to tell what version Pi you have:

The 512mb version has 2 mounting holes (one next to the usb ports and the other near the SD slot) these are used to mount the Pi safely in the enclosure.

Printed on the top of the main chip on the board (the SoC) is a long list of letters and numbers. Within that code you will find either “2G” or “4G.” The 2G relates to 2Gbits of memory, which is 256MB. The 4G means 4Gbits of memory, which is 512MB.

Here’s the difference between the two chip codes with the important characters underlined:


Please note:

While this enclosure is designed for the 512mb version, the 256mb Model B board does fit (with a slight modification). The Plastic cylinder that houses the screw closest to the usb ports can be trimmed a few millimetres to allow the 256mb version to fit, however that means that the case can NOT be screwed closed. If you would like this case for your 256mb version, let us know and we will trim the plastic for you.

Raspberry Pi NOT included. This Listing is for the case / enclosure and mounting screws only

Black Rapsberry PI Enclosure