LSL100 Light sensor

£ 3.30


Specially designed built-in amplifier strictly controls photo-sensors with highly efficient on and off switching.

This sensor produces a pronounced spike of sensitivity at the eye-response wavelength of 568nm.

  • Steep noise-free front commences from relative sensitivity of 20% @ 350nm
  • Peak sensitivity of 568nm is spread over just 25nm
  • Steep trailing edge
  • Excellent linearity and a low dark current (0.3µA) allowing
  • precise photometry over a wide range of visible light
  • Reverse voltage0.5 to 8V
  • Photocurrent5mA
  • Peak spectral response (typical)580nm
  • Dark current (max.)0.3µA
  • Light current at 5 Lux (max.)16.9µA
  • Light current at 100 Lux (typical)260µA
  • Rise time8.5ms
  • Fall time8.5ms
  • Power dissipation40mW

LSL100 Light sensor

  • 1 x LSL100 Sensor
  • 1 x 1k Resistor
  • Arduino
  • Jumper Wire

The simple circuit pictured below is comprised of the lsl100 sensor and a 1K resistor.