UK Shipping

UK orders over £35 ship free! You’ll see that option in checkout. For other shipping methods, price varies greatly. You can get an estimate with the Calculate Shipping button in your cart, or just enter checkout to see what we’ll charge. For orders under £35 or faster shipping options, we charge a handling fee plus the estimate from the carrier.

We offer a veriety of options to allow you to decide how and when you get your stuff.

UK Shipping Methods

Royal Mail
  • Royal Mail 1st Class Post - 1 to 2 business days
  • Royal Mail 2nd Class Post - 2 to 3 business days
  • Royal Mail 1st Class Recorded Post - 1 to 2 business days with a signiture required for delivery
  • Royal Mail 2nd Class Recorded Post - 2 to 3 business days with a signiture required for delivery
  • Royal Mail Guaranteed 1pm - Delivered the next day before 1pm
Local Pickup

Unfortunately we do not currently offer local pickup as an option, but plan to do so in the future.

Signature Requirements

If you want your order to require a signature for delivery, please select the relevent postal option at checkout. If a “Signature Not Required” package is left at the door but isn’t there when you get home, neither Make Nation nor the shipping company can be held responsible.

Saturday Delivery

All 1st class post within the UK can be delivered on a Saturday, but we cannot guarentee that your item will be delivered on a Saturday. We do offer a guarenteed Saturday delivery service, and you would need to select that at the time of chekout.

  1. Make sure it is before 2pm on a Friday. We can’t guarantee shipment that day if it is later.
  2. Place your order through our website, selecting the correct shipping method.

You’ll receive an email with your tracking information as usual. Delivery is usually made by noon on Saturdays.

International Shipping

We ship to your country! Unless you live in Iran, North Korea, Sudan, or Syria.

Some international shipments will incur additional fees in the form of duties and taxes. These fees are your responsibility, and are in addition to the shipping cost we charge at checkout.

Shipping Methods

Royal Mail
  • Royal Mail 1st Class Airmail - 3 to 5 business days
  • Royal Mail 1st Class Tracked and Signed Airmail - 3 to 5 business days with a tracking number and signiture required for delivery
  • Royal Mail 1st Class Signed for Airmail - 3 to 5 business days with a signiture required for delivery

Please Note - First Class Airmail packages are NOT insured. In the case a package is lost or damaged in transit, Make Nation is not responsible for replacing the order.

Duties and Taxes

All duties and taxes for international shipments are the responsibility of the customer. Make Nation is not responsible for any extra charges once the original package has been shipped. We can’t tell you exactly what the charges will be.

If the customer refuses to pay these extra charges, the return shipping and any additional fees will be taken out of the cost of the order with any remaining funds being refunded to the customer. In the event that the extra charges exceed the value of the order, we may charge those amounts to the credit card originally used for the order.

Export Restrictions

As mentioned above, we are not able ship anything to any address in the countries of Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria. Beyond that, we also sell some items that are known as “dual-use items”. These are products designed for civilian use, but that could be used for devious purposes in the wrong hands. The rules vary by item, but we’ll be in direct contact with you if we need further information.

Signature Requirements

International shipments’ signature requirements vary by carrier and destination. If you have questions regarding your particular shipment please contact us

Same-Day Shipping

Make Nation guarantees to ship your order the same day you place it IF and ONLY IF your order meets ALL the following criteria:

  1. Your order is placed before 2:00PM, GMT.
  2. You select a shipping method other than Economy, International Economy.
  3. The day you place your order is a Business Day.
  4. All items are in-stock.
  5. Your order is paid in full at the time you place it.
  6. Your order is not considered an Exception.
  7. Your order does not require any modification before it is able to ship.

If your order does meet all the listed requirements, we guarantee shipment of your package that day. If it doesn’t meet them all, we may still get it out the same day, but no promises.


  1. Time - The timestamp on your order must be before 2PM GMT to qualify. An order placed at 1:59:59PM counts, 2:00:00PM does not. Orders placed at 2PM and later will be considered to qualify for the next business day. The time used is the timestamp on your order, which will be displayed once your order is placed.

  2. Shipping Method - We guarantee most, but not all, of our available shipping methods. We do NOT guarantee Economy, International Economy, First Class Mail, First Class Mail International.

  3. Business Days - Business Days are traditionally defined as the weekdays of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Excluded are the weekend days of Saturday and Sunday, as well as any Holidays. Additionally, Make Nation may be unexpectedly closed for inclement weather, off-site company events, zombie apocalypse, etc. In the event of such closure, Make Nation will post notice of closure on the front page of our website as soon as possible. If Make Nation does need to close unexpectedly, that day will not be considered a Business Day, even if the zombies have gotten into our server room and we are unable to update the site to tell you about it.

  4. In-Stock - Your order must contain only in-stock items to qualify for same-day shipping. If we don’t have it, we can’t ship it to you. There is the potential that your order will contain an Accidentally Backordered Item. In this case, we can only guarantee the ship date on all remaining items in your order, and ship the Accidentally Backordered Item(s) as soon as possible.

  5. Paid in full - Only orders paid in full at the time of placement qualify. This limits payment methods to Credit Card and most PayPal transactions. Orders paid with a PayPal “echeck” do not qualify. Orders paid entirely with a Gift Certificate do qualify. All other payment methods do not qualify for same-day shipping. At this time, we do not guarantee same-day shipping for Net30 orders.

  6. Exception - While rare, there is the chance that your order will go to an Exception status, instead of the normal New Order status. You will be notified upon placing your order if your order is an Exception. Most orders that do go to Exception, and otherwise qualify, will be cleared quickly and shipped within the same-day time frame. Because some will require additional information from the customer, though, we cannot guarantee it.

  7. Does not require modification - Your order must be valid to ship as you placed it. If any changes are required to your order before it is able to be shipped, it is disqualified from the same-day shipping guarantee. These changes may be intentional, such as you needing to add an item or correct a shipping address, or unintentional, such as providing an invalid address deemed undeliverable by your selected shipper.

  8. Batteries - Lithium Ion and Lithium Metal are considered dangerous goods and take additional packing and paperwork in order to ship.

Return to Sender Packages

Packages can be returned to us for many reasons. Depending on the reason for return, there may be additional charges applied to your order. Please read below for more information.

  • Packages can be returned to us for missing or incorrect address information. Please take a moment to check and make sure your address book is up to date. There is also an order review page where you can double check this information. If the carrier you select charges us to return the package, we will either a) deduct that from your refund if you want to cancel or b) if you choose to re-ship the package it will be added to the cost of the re-shipment fee.

  • Packages can be returned to us if they are refused at customs for any reason. Sometimes we choose to get these packages back. If there are any customs fees and shipping charges to return your order, this will be deducted from the refund (if you want to cancel the order) or added to the re-shipment fee if you want to re-ship the order.

Please note that if your package is marked to be returned to Make Nation, it could take longer than expected to receive as these packages are not marked as a priority from the shipping company. Sometimes it can take a couple of weeks before we get them back!

We will only hold a returned package for one week before we restock and refund (if applicable). If you are wondering where your order is, please also check your spam filter as we may be trying to get a hold of you!